Meet Me (and My Team!)

Are you a HOT MESS?
I mean....literally.

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Out of nowhere, it hits you. YOU JUST CAN’T HANDLE LIFE ANYMORE.

You know SOMETHING’S happening to you, but you don’t know WHAT. All you know is that you’re miserable, frustrated….and a little scared.

You just want your “old self” back.

I understand how you feel. I WAS YOU. Just a few short years ago.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. There I was. Sitting in front of my makeup mirror. Lifting my tear-stained cheeks back up where they used to be. Trying to picture a younger version of myself. The healthier, happier version.

So, how did I get to THIS PLACE?

My eldest daughter just left for college and I was tearful, reflective…and exhausted. I’d neglected my health, my life and my spirit over the last fourteen years. But those years were also wonderful. I had the privilege and honor of seeing (and playing a small part in) the miracle of life. EVERY DAY. Who am I kidding? It was more like EVERY NIGHT. 🙂 How many people get to say that? But those years of delivering babies were grueling and took a toll on me. Countless nights spent resting with “one eye open” on the couch in the call room. Missed meals. Lack of exercise. Stress. But also joy. So much joy….and some sadness. It consumed me. But there’s no other way. If I’m honest with myself, I hadn’t slept more than a few straight nights in nearly 25 years. The lifestyle of the career that helps bring life into the world was slowly draining the life out of me.  I needed a transformation….a REbirth.

I was sick and tired…of FEELING SICK AND TIRED.

At that moment, I realized that I had to start taking care of myself. It was my turn. Right there, looking myself right in those red, puffy eyes of mine, I vowed to start on a personal journey of rebirth.

And, boy, did I! I resigned from the practice where I’d worked for 14 years. stopped practicing obstetrics and started my own practice.

Yatawara Gynecology, Wellness and Aesthetics.

Step one of my renewal.

Next step…searching for a way to find satisfaction with my body, my health, my career, and my life.

I learned how to eat and that I needed TO. EAT. And often. I learned the importance of a good night’s sleep. And how to get one.

In other words, I started focusing on MYSELF.

And, by doing that, I lost 70 pounds…in 6 months! No kidding. And I felt (and still feel) soooo much better.

During my journey, I realized that I’m most interested in the issues that affect ME. The issues affecting maturing women.

Listening to what my patients wanted, I sought additional training in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. And, I realized that when you start feeling better, you want to look better, too. So, I also received training in aesthetics.

I’ve invested in myself and my personal and professional well being and I feel beautiful, happy A N D healthy for the first time in my life.

Now I only focus on helping maturing women LIKE YOU navigate their own rebirth and renewal.


Trust me to help you feel better. And – once you start feeling better – trust me to help you look better too. Call my office and let’s talk about how you can start your own rebirth.

I hope to see you soon so we can get you feeling and looking your BEST!



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Ready to meet my team? Great! I’d love to introduce you and show you around my office!

Let me start the introductions by saying that each and every one of these ladies is very special to me. We’re like sisters. We love each other, but definitely keep each other in line.

True confession:  sometimes I need them to give me a (not so) gentle nudge. 🙂

And my business wouldn’t be possible without them.