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Are you a HOT MESS?
I mean....literally.

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Finding any ol’ doctor is easy.  But finding the right doctor, well, that’s not SO easy!

I know! And, I can help you with that.

Let’s be honest. Finding someone you can share and trust with your deepest, darkest secrets can be challenging. And frustrating. And time consuming.

How many times do you want to tell your story to somebody new?

So, I thought I’d help you by listing some reasons why Yatawara Gynecology, Wellness and Aesthetics MIGHT NOT be RIGHT for you.

We might NOT BE A GOOD FIT, if you:

  • like a traditional, stuffy office with chairs lined up in the waiting room.

  • want to stay anonymous….and enjoy just being a “number”.

  • love the feel of paper gowns and plastic speculums.

  • don’t like “assignments” or a “plan of action” before you leave.

  • don’t want a practice with an innovative attitude and atmosphere.

  • want your information, advice, and suggestions “sugar-coated” rather than “real”.

  • want multiple doctors to choose from.

  • don’t want a doctor that’s always learning new things and going to training.

  • don’t want to work with a team that truly enjoys their jobs and might make you laugh.

  • don’t want a doctor that makes you feel like you’re talking to your best friend (including the sometimes hard questions that come with that).

  • don’t want communication from your doctor outside of your visit.

  • don’t want anyone to remember that you’re famous for your macaroni and cheese recipe or that you spend the holidays with your sister.

Still with me?

If you want to keep looking around my digi-home, no problem. Take your time. And, if you have any non-medical questions about me or my practice, email me at or call (704)754-8990. Remember, “regular” email is NOT secure enough for you to send your personal data.  I have a patient portal for that! 🙂

But, if you’re ready to finally find a practice that understands you and what you’re going through, let’s schedule an appointment.

I work hard to make our first meeting REALLY valuable to YOU. So, to make the most of our time together, I’d like a copy of your past records. 

How do you get your records, you ask?

Just download this form and send it to your prior gynecologist’s office. And when my team gets your records, they’ll call you to schedule your appointment. Easy!

If you have questions, call us.  My team would be delighted to walk you through the process and help in any way they can.

And, by the way, we’re proud to offer Care Credit!